What is Rig Lynx?

It is a social platform for anyone that is currently employed in the oil and gas industry as well as anyone potentially looking to be employed in the oil and gas industry. It is also an open platform for any other person from any other industry and not just Oil and Gas because many of the same employee positions shared in other industries or markets are shared here also, so it is a fun way to see if you can be recruited and or interact with any in the industry.

What is different between Rig Lynx, Facebook and LinkedIn?

Rig Lynx is based on an industry but is an open platform that is positional based, the majority of members on Rig Lynx share common interests and ideas as well as common employers and sometimes jobs. This is not necessarily the case with other social platforms, there is also an open networking functionality which connects people all over the world, an easy on and off function. More importantly the opportunity to just connect with the people you work with on a day to day basis. You may even connect with people that you used to work with and had a good team experience, this gives you back the ability to connect to those team members and build that relationship again!

What if I see a problem with the app or some of the data is wrong?

There is a "Report a Problem" function available in your settings dashboard, let us know what is going on and we will get it sorted out.

Can I chat on Rig Lynx?

Absolutely, most of the same options you have with other platforms are available here at Rig Lynx, just explore and see what’s available.

What kind of attachments can I send in chat or inbox?

In the current version you can only attach photos, and download sent photos, vice versa.

How do I delete my chat messages?

Depending on your specific device type there is a function to delete each individual message from your inbox by pushing down on the message, holding and sliding to the left to see the delete option.

Is there a free membership plan?

Currently membership is free, we will announce any premium upgrades in the future.

Do you keep any of my credit card or form of payment information on the Rig Lynx app?

Rig Lynx does not store your form of payment or billing information on the application, it is not accessible by anyone other than our 3rd party company “Stripe”, and this keeps the ability for your information to be stolen on the Rig Lynx application impossible. As “Stripe” are experts in their field of service we rely on them to protect, secure and encrypt your data professionally, if you feel your information has been stolen then please immediately contact your provider to let them know first of all and then next feel free to send Rig Lynx a message in the Report a Problem option in your dashboard.

What is the membership cost for an individual membership?

An individual membership plan is 4.99 monthly.

If I am a free member can I use Lynx Energy, Lynx Location and Chat?

Currently this is a free option, we will announce any changes in the future.

Profile and Newsfeed
Can anyone see my profile?

Only people that you have selected as your “Lynxs” can see your profile, if you use the option of “Favorite” with the red ribbon turned on when adding “Lynx”, then only the “Lynxs” that you have suggested as your favorites will be able to see “your” posts on the newsfeed and “your” profile information openly. If you do not use the “favorite” function when adding Lynxs as well as when posting to your newsfeed, then all Lynxs you have added will see everything you post and your profile will be 100% viewable to any connection. These measures are in place for you to be able to feel comfortable posting to your newsfeed and be viewable by a group of people that are closer to you than people that you work with or who you may have just met.

Does Rig Lynx have a group or a page option?

No, currently there is no functionality to have people in groups, or to create pages for businesses or people. We see it more importantly to connect people using what is the most important part of the meaning of Rig Lynx, which is people to people connections. Here at Rig Lynx, people are our most important asset and for that, we see your connection to your other Lynx members the same.

Why does Rig Lynx not have a follow option?

Essentially your selection of favorite in the Add Lynx option, which is notated by a gray ribbon to the right of each of your connection takes the place of follow on other platforms, with the combination of the Lynx connection coupled with the favorite and “Not” favorite functionality there is no need to have a follow function, you simply connect and pick favorite by turning the ribbon to red from gray.

How does the 5 star rating system work on the newsfeed posts?

At Rig Lynx we don’t use thumbs up or hearts, we use the 5 star system as a rating for your newsfeed post. When you scroll through the newsfeed you will see that the number of each star that is selected will populate in the center of the star, this allows for you to decide if this is something that you are interested in reading more of or that rates high. In most cases with other platforms, you cannot tell how good the post is by just the numbers of thumbs up or likes that it gets, so this is in place to help you interact more with posts that are relevant to you and not to the people that gave it a 1 star, if a post has nothing but 1 star, then you most certainly will avoid it. If a post has 1 thumbs up or 1 like on your other platforms, you can’t actually tell if it’s something you will like or not so you spend valuable time looking through some posts that are not relevant or meaningful. The same way you book a Hotel, if a Hotel has 1 star, you most likely wouldn’t give your time to a place like this, same way with a post on the newsfeed. This also enables people to become more creative to get a higher rating on their posts. Become a 5 star Newsfeed phenomenon today!

If I am a free member can I leave a star rating on someone’s post on my newsfeed?

Currently this is a free option, we will announce any changes in the future.

Will I see advertisements on my newsfeed?

As a free member from time to time you may see products or services, but as a premium subscriber you will never see an advertisement on your newsfeed, ever and that’s our promise.

What is the LX, orange magnifying glass and green link for?

The LX represents that you are a premium subscriber to Rig Lynx, all members that opt in for the monthly subscription will have one of these indicators, check your membership area in your setting dashboard for more information. The orange magnifying glass means that if you have selected in your dashboard “Available to Recruit” you will receive one of these magnifying glasses, if you have not selected this option and you currently have a job then you will receive the green links, this mean you are connected to an employer presently. These identifying elements makes it easy to see your position and that you are open for opportunities with just a scan through the newsfeed.

Where do I see the best performing posts on the newsfeed?

Your newsfeed is populated based on an algorithm in which we have specially designed for the oil and gas as well as for you, in the current release we have not made a specific provision to show you the “highest performing” posts on your newsfeed.

How are posts populated on the newsfeed?

They will show as the most recent first.

How do I block another user on Rig Lynx?

There are two ways to do this 1) You can tap on any profile picture and go straight to the user profile. There will be three vertical dots on the right-hand side of the user’s profile, tap those and you will be given the block option. 2) On your newsfeed you will see 3 horizontal dots at the top of every newsfeed post, this is the abuse and blocking function as well, you can easily use this function straight from the newsfeed if needed.

What is slice?

Slice is the Rig Lynx version of the ability to share posts that you find interesting to your newsfeed for your Lynx connections to see. There is also the ability to use the slice feature to copy your post link and share it to other social network platforms and it enables you to send the link to someone in a chat session. Anywhere you see the slice icon these features are enabled.

Is there a favorite function?

Currently there is an option to choose which Lynx Connections are your favorite, simply go into your Add Lynx option, it is notated by the “person” icon at the bottom of your newsfeed, tap this and it will open up your list of connections. In this list of connection you will see a ribbon to the right of each one, tap this ribbon and it will turn from gray to red assigning that Lynx Connection as a favorite connection. Alternatively you can also tap on your connections profile picture on the newsfeed and select the same option at the upper right hand corner of the Lynx profile screen.

What is the ribbon that is next to each Lynx in my Lynx connection list?

This ribbon is the favorite functionality, when you want to post something to your newsfeed and only want a select few people to see this then you can tap on a Lynx or search for a Lynx and once you locate them you can tap on the ribbon and turn it from gray to red. Thus creating a group to post to and not to everyone. Note: This feature is only good for continuous posting to the same group, currently if you have a selection of favorites in your Lynx connection list and you post a single post to them, then go in and change those favorite connections to someone else and the post again, it will open your previous post up to the favorites you have now selected as new. We will be updating this in the future as this is not the intended purpose of a having a favorite added to a post, all posts in the future will be unique in nature and will have favorites associated with each, will update you when it is in place.

What content can I post to the newsfeed?

You can share links from other websites, upload multiple photos, enter text, the same functionality as some other platforms.

Can I add a photo, video or link to other content in the comment section to a post on the newsfeed?

In our current version of Rig Lynx we do not facilitate this but it is on our list for the future.

Services Menu
What is Lynx Energy?

Lynx Energy is a place to find services in the Oil and Gas industry, there will be over 6500 companies listed in your application, so if you need to find a part or new software to complete a task, feel free to open it up and contact someone, their phone number and website will be available for you.

What is Lynx Location?

Lynx Location is a tool to enable you to mark or pin your work location or business location on a map and make this viewable to anyone that looks at the map. Each member will be able to share with their “Lynx” these pins when they are placed. Each pin either it be “Rig” or “Business” goes through a verification process before it is placed on the map, this way ensuring that there are not duplicates of the same location with different names. This enables people to share pins of “Rig” locations with their crews and team members as well as the people that are delivering equipment or picking up equipment, this functionality creates an ease of instruction, with access to turn by turn instructions as well as contact information for businesses.

What is the difference between onshore/offshore locations when using Lynx Location?

When using Lynx Location you will be given the option to pin a “Rig” or “Business” by using our location system but you will need to know the latitude and the longitude of your location. An offshore location can either be an offshore drilling rig or facility/business of any type such as FPSO, supply vessels or production platform, you can use it how you see fit to show your work location. If you need any more assistance then please visit our learning section on our homepage, https://riglynx.com/home/learn then click on the “Services Menu”, then 1 minute into the video it will discuss these options.

What is OutPut?

OutPut is a Rig Lynx sponsored Oil and Gas news website where you can read all of the top stories in Oil and Gas from around the world.

What is the Lynx Founder function in my settings?

This function give you the opportunity to send a message directly to the people that started Rig Lynx so that you can voice your concerns immediately, if there are activities taking place on the platform that you feel are an issue or you just want to make a suggestion about what you think may make Rig Lynx better, then feel free to let them know, they will love to hear from you.

What is Out Lynx?

Out Lynx is Rig Lynx open network option currently available in your settings, if you turn this on you will be able to see people that are not your Lynx posting to the newsfeed from all over the world, this allows you to see things that are happening elsewhere in the industry as well as giving you the ability to meet new and exciting people in the business. If this option is turned off in your settings you will only see posts on your newsfeed from your “Lynxs” or from which you have been selected as favorite from your “Lynx” and or vice versa.

What is a unique ID?

A unique ID is a special combination of numbers and letters specifically for your profile, this enables people to find you easily on the platform. These are helpful to share in your email signatures as well as sharing on other social media.

Do I get notifications when someone leaves a comment, rates my post or tags me on the newsfeed?

Yes, like many other platforms you will receive an inbox notification in the application that will tell you when other people have interacted with you on the newsfeed.

Can someone I am not connected with on Rig Lynx tag me in a post?

In your settings you will see “Privacy and Settings”, tap this option and you will see an additional menu, go down to “Tag Settings”, tap this option and you will see your settings for this feature.

When I turn on the “Available to Recruit” function, who can see that?

In our current version we have only made provisions for this to be a toggle for your profile indicators from the orange magnifying glass to the green chain link this is so that recruiters know if you are looking for a job or not.

If I block a Lynx, does this remove the connection we have?

If you use the block function in Rig Lynx your connection and any content that the blocked connection has tagged you in will be removed from your personal newsfeed and the connection will be removed from your Lynx listing.

Do I have the ability to delete my account at will?

There is a “Delete my Rig Lynx account” option in your privacy and settings menu. Look to the lower right of your screen, tap the 4 white lines, this opens the settings menu, then tap “Privacy and Settings”, navigate down to the “Delete my Rig Lynx account” option, fill out the requested information and hit submit.

How to pin a business with Lynx Location?

When using Lynx Location you will be given the option to pin a “Business” by using our location system but you will need to know the latitude and the longitude of your location. If you need any more assistance then please visit our learning section on our homepage, https://riglynx.com/home/learn then click on the “Services Menu”, then 1 minute into the video it will discuss these options.