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Rig Lynx Application Upgrades for the Remainder of 2021

Rig Lynx


As we continue to work through little bits and pieces of our previous rollouts and new features, we are announcing our new developments moving forward for the rest of 2021:


More Upgraded Chat and Messaging Features, that will include:

  • Group Chat

  • Audio Calling

  • Voice Messaging

  • Sharing of Video

  • Group Video Calling

Upgraded Newsfeed and Post Features, that will include:

  • Screen Sharing

  • Post Analytics

  • Enable GIF Use

  • Long Press Gesture

  • Post URL to Comments and Replies

  • Post Photos to Comments and Replies

Future Newsfeed and Overall Projects Underway:

  • Add Post Emoticons and Reactions

  • Complete Overhaul of User Interface

Thanks to all our wonderful members out there that have been with us since the beginning and will enjoy the new tools that are coming out very soon!

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