About Rig Lynx

The last few years has seen major disruption of the U.S. oil and gas industry – leaving thousands out of work and without paychecks. There is no end in sight.

To underscore this point, the CEO of Baker Hughes told colleagues gathered at the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition Conference (ADIPEC), “The new normal is continuous disruption, we need to take out all the inefficiency and instead our industry needs transparency and visibility,” according to a report from CNBC.

To help people find their footing in the midst of this ongoing disruption a multi-discipline drilling team and academic software team have come together and created Rig Lynx, a new platform for oil and gas personnel. Rig Lynx offers users professional networking opportunities through chat, messaging, and online services. The community ensures relevance by using a special algorithm developed just for this application to assemble posts and shares for each individual member.

While other apps and websites offer professional networking and job search services, Rig Lynx differentiates itself with its exclusive focus on the oil and gas sector. The app is available for free on iOS and Android devices.

Our Team

Rig Lynx

Greg Williams


Once the contract is over all you have left is your reputation

Greg Williams has spent more than half of his life in the drilling industry building successful teams and managing operations in over 13 countries. He has worked at multiple levels within the world’s largest as well as the smallest drilling contractor organizations.

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Rig Lynx

Zubair Khan


Take life as it comes

Zubair Khan embraced the oil and gas industry at the early age of 23 upon exiting Engineering College in Bangalore, India. Post graduating as a Chemical Engineer he was looking to start his career and received a call to attend an interview for the Graduate Trainee Engineer...

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Rig Lynx

Ankit Thacker

Chief Technical Officer

God is in human beings, keep adding positive Karma to the world and you will be happy forever

Ankit Thacker has spent the last seven years working one on one with multi-national companies to help them build great brand names and enhancing that first impression made across websites and mobile device applications With a solid development team behind him...

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Rig Lynx

Pritesh Akhani

Director of Technology

Keep working hard and don't focus on results

Pritesh Akhani has spent the last 12 years enveloped in software design and application development with a multitude of successful projects behind him, leads a team of programmers that he handpicks to deliver results and stay on delivery target for his clients.

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Rig Lynx

Tom Shrader

Business Development Manager

Lead me, follow me, or get out of my way - George S. Patton

Tom Shrader has been dealing with Watermakers and other fluid handling packages for the Offshore Oil Industry for the majority of his life. He has held multiple positions in several organizations. From his days fitting pipe to now being in sales he has a well-rounded training that allows...

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