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Website Direct Advertising is Coming!

Rig Lynx


Rig Lynx is pleased to announce that we will be rolling out our in-house advertising across our website next week. No, we do not use Google AdSense and light up your browser with pictures of drilling rigs and drill bits or anything else industry related after you leave our website or click on anything that is advertised on our web pages.


This is all managed in house, no big tech running it, just blood, sweat and tears from our end and getting you in front of over 10k webpage visitors a month.


Our available sizing will be:


  • 468 x 60 – Sitewide

  • 728 x 90 – Sitewide

  • 300 x 600 – Verticals

  • 300 x 250 – Sides


If you don’t have an advert, we can create one for you in-house, no issues, prices are competitive, we offer long term discounts, and this can be packaged with any other service that we offer to add to the savings overall.


No tricks, no hidden agendas, priced for the current status of our industry, your bottom line matters so quit wasting it on big name advertising and websites when you can use a company that is much closer to your needs and can help you be more financially responsible with your digital advertising dollars!

Come see what we can do for your brand visibility today!

Download our brochure here : Business Services


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