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Oil and Gas UAV's

  • By Rig Lynx
  • May 14, 2020
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UAVs are some of the tools for our future!

Check it out and leave us some comments good bad or whatever.. hit us with it :)

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May 14, 2020

Compilation video of Vantage Drilling's Tungsten Explorer during its 5 year SPS in Granadilla, Spain in January 2019. Tungsten Explorer Specifications Rig Type: Ultra Deepwater Drillship Rig Design: DSME 12,000 Year Built: 2013 Builder: DSME Class: DNV ?1A Ship- Shaped Drilling unit BIS DPS (3) Flag: Bahamas Hull Length: 781’ Hull Breadth: 138’ Hull Depth: 62’ Moon Pool: 82’ x 41’ Accommodation: 200 POB Helideck: CAP437, 75ft Octagon, Sikorsky S-61N, S-92 Compatible Water Depth (Design): 12,000’ Water Depth (Outfitted): 10,000’ Water Depth Min: 1,150’ Load Line Draft: 42.6’ Load Line Displacement: 111,634 MT Operating Draft: 39.3’ Operating Displacement: 102,682 MT Transit Draft: 27.8’ Transit Displacement: 71,706 MT Drilling Depth: 40,000’ Variable Load: 25,000 MT Max Setback: 1,000 MT 500 MT (In field Transit) Transit Speed: up to 12 kts Full specifications can be found here:

May 14, 2020

Timelapse of the Stena Forth Drillship departing Las Palmas in 2018!

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